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SECTION8tactical TAC-PAC What is it? The TAC-PAC is a modular storage system designed to store tactical batteries and other small parts. It consists of an injection-molded housing with interchangeable EVA foam die cut inserts. The housing and insert is closed with a snap-on rubber sealing lid. This is then placed into a nylon storage pouch. Why do I need one? If you have ever searched in a pack or gear bag or pocket or desk for spare batteries or parts, you NEED a TAC-PAC. You will always have spares and always know where they are. Be prepared with the TAC-PAC. What will it do? It will help keep your batteries and small parts clean, dry, protected, and readily available. The rubber lid and mating-molded housing have 3 sealing contact surfaces. The foam insert and rubber lid keeps batteries and parts from rattling and making noise. The battery contacts are insulated and batteries won’t short out. Metal parts are cushioned. What will fit inside? Each TAC-PAC comes supplied with 3 inserts ( 2 die cut and 1 blank), a storage pouch, and the hard case and rubber lid. It is a complete storage system. The LE insert holds (8) CR-123 batteries. The AR-15 M-4 insert holds a complete assembled bolt, firing pin, 6 extra gas rings, cam pin, firing pin retaining pin, extractor and spring, extractor pin, ejector, ejector spring, and ejector split pin, as well as either 2 AA or 2 CR123 batteries. The inside housing is about 3.3” wide X 3.5” high (including the housing radius) and .85” deep and will accept parts that fall into that size range. When assembled, it is just slightly thicker than a pack of regular cigarettes. The blank inserts can be hand cut. ******* The black pouch version comes with an LE insert, an M-4 insert, and one blank insert. How does it mount? Once you have placed your small components or batteries into the hard case and put on the rubber sealing lid, slide the hard case into the nylon pouch. The TAC-PAC pouch has a hook and loop front flap and a large hook and loop strap on the back that can be easily attached or detached from a belt without removing the belt. The TAC-PAC can also be tossed into a gear bag, or back pack, or attached inside a car trunk lid. The options are up to you. What is important is that you have will spares and you will know where they are.

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